• Five South Central District churches raise money for water wells

    Rev. Gale challenged the Broxton Circuit churches and the Lone Hill-Excelsior Charge to raise $6,000 in six weeks to install a water well in the Congo. Six weeks later, Rev. Beverly King of Broxton UMC and Rev. Mary… Read More

  • What If?

    I remember my little grandson, Noah, and his brief time here on Earth.  I remember how excited we were that he had joined our little family.  We had plans for his life from conception on.  However, we only… Read More

  • Something Better

    After celebrating the installation of a new water well some of the Maasai Warriors wanted to give our team a “better” gift.   They invited us to hike with them up the Sacred Maasai Mountain Sabache.   It’s a sacred… Read More