Something Better

After celebrating the installation of a new water well some of the Maasai Warriors wanted to give our team a “better” gift.   They invited us to hike with them up the Sacred Maasai Mountain Sabache.   It’s a sacred Maasai place of prayer, a holy burial ground of elders and is a great water source during severe droughts.

I heard the invitation, but I declined the offer.  The other 2 team members chose to go.  I was satisfied sitting right in the lounge drinking my Coca Cola and enjoying the ordinary.  As they were leaving, I remember happily telling them to be safe and have a good time.  After the passing of an hour or so, I began to regret my decision and wondered what they were seeing.  I was very comfortable at the time of the invitation, but as time passed I wished that I had said yes, but it was too late.   After about 2 hours, the first team member was returning with amazing stories and I knew as she spoke that I had made a terrible decision.  After about 4 hours, the other team member was returning and she was beaming.  She was telling of the scenic beauties that she had experienced.  The whole time that she was descriptively talking about her beautiful experience I knew that I had missed out on something better because I was lazy, complacent, and comfortable.   I will never know the great joys of hiking Mt. Sabache.

How many invitations has God invited me to participate in and I have not answered because of being complacent or comfortable?  I learned a big lesson that day, that my human free will can cause me to miss the “better” and blessings of God!


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