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We have composed a list of projects that Unto the Least of His partners may donate to.  Donations need to be marked.  If no particular project is notated the monetary gift goes into the General workings of the ministry which is also important to keep this ministry going.  We thank you for taking the time to look through these projects and for any donations made for “the least”!

General Needs

Unto the Least of His is a self-supporting ministry.  The ministry has annual operating needs that are met through the donations of our friends and partners of this ministry.  We always appreciate the home mission being supported.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

We are working with the Katanga conference under Dr. Rev. Kimba Kyakutala Evarsite’s leadership.  Kimba is the president of the Kabongo Methodist University.  The water well projects that we place in the Congo are shallow water well projects with a hand pump and concrete.  To implement shallow water well projects for small African villages costs about $6000.

Bikes and Bibles

We purchase Bibles and bicycles for indigenous pastors that are preaching and teaching others about Jesus.  These Bibles are bought in their language and many of the pastors are receiving their first mother tongue Bibles.  The bicycles are used for the pastors to travel to visit their church members.  The combination of a bicycle and a Bible cost about $125.


We are working in the Samburu Region, which consists of east and west regions.  Dr. Tina Ramme, Dipa and Naomi are our contacts in northern Kenya.  The water wells are considered to be deeper and cost about $20,000.   The water wells run off of a generator, a pump and a holding tank.  These water wells service a larger and more destitute people in dryer regions because of the sub Saharan weather factors, like droughts and famines.


We assist in a food ministry that feeds the overlooked and forgotten people.  We purchase food for families that are suffering from malnutrition and complex health issues.

There is a great need for a ministry truck that can deliver water and food.  The Lorry would pull water tankers to drought-ridden areas that are often forgotten about.  The truck and the booster trailer cost about $15,000.


This is a new project interest.  Recently we traveled to meet with a group of Haitian women who are overcoming their difficulties through entrepreneurship.  These ladies lost everything in the earthquake.  They were receiving a weekly rationing of rice and beans but they wanted a way to restore their dignity through a work partnership.  These ladies are making some fantastic flip-flops out of car tires.   I would like to purchase 200 pairs of flip-flops from these ladies to assist them in their entrepreneur business.  We could sell them and then begin a purchasing partnership with them.  These are some amazing people.


Each semester, we support a few students with a small scholarship.  At the present time, we are helping students with scholarships at Candler School of Theology, Asbury Theology Seminary, Kabonga Seminary and others.


Small motorcycles are always a helpful means for transportation for indigenous pastors.  Motorcycles are utility vehicles that are used for family issues and community issues, such as, being an ambulance for a sick person.  They cost about $900.